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Brilliance LED


Brilliance Transformer

Brilliance Transformer

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The Brilliance Transformer features a high-quality, stainless steel case and includes multi taps to accommodate voltage drop. Available in 75, 150, 300, and 600 watts, these Transformers are sure to support any size of project.

Pair 150, 300, and 600 watt transformers with the Smart Socket 3.0 (sold separately) for astronomical timing via the Brilliance Smart app.

Create up to four zones on a single transformer with up to 200 Watts per sector with the award-winning Sector Selector (sold separately).



  • Compatible with any transformer and works on AC/DC

  • Create up to four zones on a single transformer, with up to 200 Watts per sector, and manage with the Brilliance Smart App

  • Fitted with two 3/4” PVC conduit adapters to accommodate four 12-2 AWG cables

  • Installs on the low-voltage side of magnetic transformer

  • Unit receives its power through Sector 1 and draws 5 Watts in order to function

  • Includes: Sector Selector Enclosure; (4) Enclosure Mounting Tabs with Screws; (4) Exterior Mounting Anchors with Screws; High Range Antenna; (20) U Connectors; (2) Terminal Covers; Sector Chart; Product and Installation Guide

  • ETL Certified

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