Collection: WAC Landscape Lighting

For over thirty-five years WAC Lighting has operated at the forefront of emerging technologies. Now a second-generation owner-operated company, WAC Lighting continues to elevate the industry in design and manufacturing by challenging conventions and building sustainable products responsibly.

While other manufacturers outsource everything from design and assembly to customer service, WAC chooses to design and develop our products and technologies from within. Over the years, our investments in electronics development, research, test laboratories and manufacturing facilities have culminated into a unique and unparalleled world-class brand. Since the early 2000s, we have sourced over 90% of the components that make up our products from within a dedicated factory.

As a design-and-build manufacturer, we build long-term relationships with lighting designers, architects, and distributors by solving the challenges they face with creativity and innovation. Over the years, professionals have entrusted us to provide them with cutting-edge technology made accessible to most lighting budgets through a variety of options. Our award-winning portfolio of architectural products, decorative lighting, and landscape lighting focuses on addressing known problems or meeting unfulfilled needs with lighting solutions in commercial, residential, and hospitality settings.

With our 5 year warranty, we stand behind our quality LED lighting solutions that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. We are also deeply committed to ecologically sensitive manufacturing, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and service in our local and global communities. Join us as we strive for a better and more beautiful future.