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Brilliance LED




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The Arches Directional Down Light works with MR16 lamps or MR16 Chameleon lamps. It features an adjustable glare shield and the Brilliance Metal Works signature adjustment system, which allows for 22 points of articulation of the knuckle in 10 degree increments. For an alternative mounting option, pair the Arches with the Tree Mount optional accessory. When using in a tree, consult with an arborist for the best way to mount for the particular tree species.


Fixture Finishes

The Arches fixture is available in the following finishes: machined copper, brass, or brass with black Cerakote®.

Machined copper and brass offer a beautiful living finish that weathers over time to a unique patina.

Brass fixtures with black Cerakote® H Series ceramic coating offer superior corrosion resistance, durability, chemical resistance, and thermal stability.

To clean the fixture, periodically wipe it down with a mild soap and water.


Arches Specification Sheet

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