Collection: ESTATE SERIES® Bollard Lights – 6×6 Class


The Nightscaping® Estate Series decorative feature lights, are the ultimate solution for illumination at large residential, estate or commercial properties, where a non-traditional, decorative lighting solution is desired. Boasting 5 unique sizes in its class; (13”, 21”, 32”, 42” & 80” heights) the Estate Series is the best solution for properties with a wide variety of plant heights and expansive garden spaces.

Ideally, the shorter fixtures in this class are used effectively along walkways, patios, and high- color flower beds that are more visually accessible. The taller bollard lights in this class are very effective as focal features, nestled deeper into the garden among taller plantings or even as prominent pieces of art. Wherever you decide to place these robust fixtures within your lighting design, you can be sure that these luminaires will be noticed and admired.

Strategically mixing the sizes from this series to suit a particular application will create a visually stimulating and dramatic display throughout the property after dark.