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Brilliance LED




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The AquaBeam is designed specifically for high lumen output and superior color rendition for extremely wet or underwater applications. It is fully potted, fabricated from precision machined aluminum, and coated to resist abrasion and corrosion in the harshest environments. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Dimmable with Brilliance Dimmer and most magnetic transformers.

*Note: Corrosive chemicals in the water of ponds and fountains as well as natural hard water and salt water could affect the appearance of the coating, but will not impact functionality of the product. For this reason, Brilliance LED makes no warranty or guarantee for change in appearance when this product is used in water, as it is designed to be used. (NOT for use in swimming pools, spas, or any contained water basin in contact with people per NEC Article 682.)


AquaBeam Specification Sheet 

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